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PEM Electrolyser

PEM Electrolyser needs an exterior electrical energy source to perform the separation of Hydrogen and Oxygen from water (H20), through the Electrolysis process. (-) Cathodes and (+) Anodes are used together with a Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM), which in operation is part of an electromechanical reaction process that separates the Hydrogen atoms from the Oxygen atoms in a direction from the Anode bipolar plates (Oxygen) to the Cathode bipolar plates (Hydrogen). The separated Hydrogen will pass through the PEM to be collected from the Cathode side and stored as compressed Hydrogen fuel that can be used to produce energy in conjunction with other process’s, the biproduct from this process is Oxygen. Green Hydrogen is produced when the electrical energy source used is from renewable energy sources such as, PV (Solar) or Wind.